Willow Sculptures


The Dancing Trees Willow Sculptures contemporary designs
for your home, garden and landscape

If you want to create a focal point in your garden, brighten a dull corner, complement or conflict with existing planting,
naturally blend into the environment or create reflections on water,
The Dancing Trees garden art and sculpture may have the very thing.

The Dancing Trees also has wreaths, garlands, topiary, bunting, table centrepieces, wishing wells and wishing trees
for your garden party, christening, wedding reception, marquee, barn and church decorations.

I hope you will enjoy browsing the page, if you require further information
or wish to purchase or order an item please get in touch, I will be happy to help.

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Willow garden compost heap containers, composters, biodegradable, blending naturally with the garden planting.
Line inside with polythene or use as they are.
An initial and repeated annual application of a suitable preservative is recommended to prolong life of structure.
Woven containers to cover unsightly plastic plant tubs and compost bins.
Placing a woven container over tender small trees, shrubs and plants may afford them some winter protection,
other measures may also be necessary eg. packing with straw, a waterproof rain cover for top and sides.
Uprights left above rim for climbers and trailing plants to scramble over them.
  Heights 60cms to 1.5m  Diameters 60cms to 1m. From £65
All the willow, coppiced greenwood and hedgerow materials used in the structures and sculptures
are taken from my willow plantation, young deciduous woodland and existing hedges
surrounding the field and garden here in rural Rutland.