The Dancing Trees Willow Sculptures in contemporary designs
for your home, garden and landscape
Sculptures can create a focal point in your garden,
brighten a dull corner, complement or conflict with existing planting,
naturally blend into the environment or create reflections on water.

willow sculpture - cone spiked top willow sculpture - sting tower willow sculpture - cone flat top
Willow sculpture - 'spiked' cone
approx. 1.5m high
Willow sculpture - 'sting' cone
approx. 2.5m high
Willow sculpture - 'flat' cone
approx. 1.5m high
woven willow sculptures- arched towers  woven willow sculptures - arched towers  woven willow sculptures - arched towers 
   Woven willow sculptures - arched towers, approx. 2m height, length base to tip approx. 3m
Prices from £95 depending on size and 'arch'
 Woven willow spheres 1.2m and 75cm diameter  Woven willow spheres 2 Woven willow spheres with bantams 
   Woven dried willow spheres approx. 1.2m and 75cm diameter
Willow and cornus spheres, 20 - 40 cms diameters Woven willow balls on copper vases Collection willow and cornus balls
Various willow and cornus balls, ovals and cones. Assorted sizes, 'smooth, rough and curly' weave   
Willow ball on parthenocissus Willow sphere, 115cm diameter Willow ball on pyracantha
Willow and red cornus 'curly'
weave oval, 40cm length.
Dried willow sphere, 1.15m diameter
'smooth' weave. 
Willow ball, 'curly' loose
weave 40cm diameter.
Willow oval on stick Woven willow seed pods on stems Willow ball on terracotta pipe
Woven willow and cornus pod
Woven willow seed pods on stems
Willow ball 30cm 'rough' weave. 
Hollow spheres, flat base 75cm diameter Hollow spheres front door Spheres by front door
   Hollow woven willow and cornus spheres, flat base, 75cms diameter
Spheres can suspended by chains from the flat base as an alternative means of display
willow garden structure lattice support for tall plants and climbers  willow garden structures - lattice supports for tall plants and climbers willow garden structures, lattice supports for tall plants and climbers 
Willow garden structures, ornamental lattice supports
placed vertically for tall plants and climbers or horizontally for trailing and scrambling plants.
4 or 3 sided, wigwam style top or chopped.
 willow sculpture - butterfly  willow sculpture - sunflower  willow garden structures, compost heap containers, composters
Willow and cornus butterfly,
body 60cms, wing span 75cms 
Willow sunflower 1m wide  Willow compost containers
1-1.5m high 
 Family of willow chooks  Chook family and friends! Chook family in willow 
Cockerel, hen and chick  Willow chooks and friends! Family of willow chooks 
Scarecrow willow garden structures, horizontal lattice plant support  Scarecrow - willow/ red cornus
Willow, cornus, greenwoods
scarecrow, 3m 
 Willow lattice supports horizontal
 for scrambling climbers
Willow 'Bogey Man' 3m 
Chicken Guardian   Willow ball on plant pot Contemporary Scarecrow
Guardian of the Chickens
Willow ball 40 cm 'rough' weave
 Willow contemporary scarecrow
  willow garden structures - compost heap containers - composters  
Willow garden compost heap containers, composters, biodegradable, blending naturally with the garden planting.
Line inside with polythene or use as they are.
An initial and repeated annual application of a suitable preservative is recommended to prolong life of structure.
Woven containers to cover unsightly plastic plant tubs and compost bins.
Placing a woven container over tender small trees, shrubs and plants may afford them some winter protection,
other measures may also be
necessary eg. packing with straw, a waterproof rain cover for top and sides.
Uprights left above rim for climbers and trailing plants to scramble over them.
  Heights 60cms to 1.5m  Diameters 60cms to 1m.
All the willow, coppiced greenwood and hedgerow materials used in the structures and sculptures
are taken from my willow plantation, young deciduous woodland and existing hedges
surrounding the field and garden here in rural Rutland.
If you wish to order, purchase, or require further information about works displayed,
please get in touch, or see Order/Purchase details.
Please check the site at intervals, new works are displayed as they are created

Cultivation Instructions for living willow cuttings and rods

Preservation of dried willow structures