Living Willow Garden Structures and Sculptures

marcel Kalberer

Domes, arbours, tunnels, teepees, roundhouses, wigwams, arches, seats,

screens, shelterbelts, windbreaks, wildlife habitat, living willow fencing/hedges lattice trellis, sculptures and more,

much more can be constructed to order, within reason!

NB It is important to choose a suitable site for your living willow garden structure or sculpture,

please see Choosing a suitable site.

Once you have chosen your site, it is essential to prepare the ground to give the willow a good growing enviroment, please see Preparing the chosen site.

For further information on cultivation and maintenance of living willow  garden structures and sculptures please see

 Instructions, advice and helpful hints

 The willow species used for large structures is fast growing, vigorous green bark Salix Viminalis and a similarly vigorous yellow bark species.  Once established on a suitable site with good growing conditions, Salix Viminalis may produce rods of 3m length per annum and more after a few years.

NB If left without prudent and regular maintenance by pruning and weaving growth back into the framework, the vigorous willow could get out of hand and become a large tree within a couple of years.

For some smaller structures and sculptures a less vigorous, slower growing branching species of willow is used, perhaps with a coloured bark for added interest particularly in winter.

Living willow garden structures and sculptures are generally made in situ

on a suitable site, well prepared, with good, moisture retentive soil.

Smaller transportable sculptures can be partially made here and completed on the proposed site.

Willow sculptures and structures made from dried willow and other greenwoods can have living willow rods, binders and weavers added to the framework to preserve the outline as the dried willow biodegrades over the years.

The living willow growth is regularly pruned and clipped producing much denser growth and/or new growth woven in and around the framework of the sculpture.

If you wish to commission a living willow structure or sculpture for your garden,

view, or require further information about works displayed please contact me, details below.

If you would like to purchase living willow rods, binders and weavers or cuttings of various lengths for diy living willow structures please see willow supplies

 Please check the site at intervals, new works displayed as they are created.

 Commissions  welcome.